Traveling Outside the USA? 

Will you be doing your research in Chile or taking a sabbatical in China?

HBS has a list of resources and tips for traveling outside the country. Please take time to read this information to make sure that you (and your information) are safe!

<<<Traveling guide for faculty >>>

Instructional Design and ID Consultations

The instructional design teams  plays a salient role in helping faculty prepare teaching material, present their research information. Please take time to read about how the Instructional design team can help you and to connect with them!   <<<List of common resources>>>

 <<<Training Process/ Request Training.>>>

<<<Get Help>>>

Courseware Pages

The courseware page is a great resource for faculty identify cases and resources they can use in the classroom. Click here for the courseware site!

Quick links: Canvas, Panopto,  Kaltura, Canvas

IT Deals For HBS!

Are you looking to purchase personal IT hardware or software. Check out this link for Harvard unique promotions!