How Can HBS IT Help You Make a Difference

For the teachers. For the learners. For the strivers. For the achievers. For the ones who work all night to get it right. And those who believe it can always be better. For the entrepreneurs. For the researchers. For the risk takers. For the world changers. For the difference makers. HBS IT is here for you. Crafting, delivering, and supporting the pioneering technology solutions you need to better understand and shape the future of business. Ensuring the availability… Building the capacity… And embracing the possibility… of what information technology can do in the hands of those who are driven to make a difference.

$69.6M FY24 Budget
321 Applications and Tools Supported
53 Services Supported

Our Strategic Plan

Our strategic priorities represent areas that are critical to achieving HBS IT’s mission and vision. They are important to meeting the needs of our community today, tomorrow, and far into the future. There priorities provide us with focus areas to ensure we continue to evolve our products, services, and organisation to deliver the greatest value to school.

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